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1. Food

Canteen one: 103-105, 1/F, Main Building

Canteen two: 2/F of West Gate Canteen (1/F is for staff canteen and Muslims' canteen)

Supermarket one: 1/F, Department Office Building (the northeast corner of main building)

Supermarket two: Next to the West Gate Canteen

Fruit store: 105, 1/F, Main Building (next to canteen one)

2. Shower

A bathroom is provided in each room of the international students’ apartment for daily washing and shower. Besides, there is a public bath house in school, located in F-1—F-2, No.2 Family Dormitory Building, West Gate of school.

Note: You need to use the campus smart card for most of activities involved in food, accommodation and transportation in school. If your card is lost, please go to the campus smart card center (1/F, Department Office Building) for reporting the loss in time.